About the Check-in approach

How we built a realtime approach to developing people

About the Check-in approach

"We believe that the fastest way to grow a company is to invest in your people."

From working in the education sector, we recognised that traditional evaluations & appraisals aren't the most effective way to create development opportunities within organisations. Higher frequency approaches that focus on feedback, measures and conversations are becoming the new standard.

The Checkin101 approach was developed from our years of learning and R&D with senior education leaders. The approach simplifies the steps to having better conversations and helps leaders take a more active, intentional and realtime approach to developing their people.

We developed Checkin101 to be a single technology-based tool for leaders and the initiatives that support them.

Checkin101 helps organisations:

Transition from traditional evaluations and appraisals
Create more focused and intentional leaders and initiatives
Take action on internal feedback sooner and have more hindsight moments
Save management time on feedback and start more meaningful conversations
Utilise data & conversations to improve employee engagement and retention initiatives
Implement without the need for complex integrations or ongoing IT Department involvement

Checkin101 focuses on developing:

Leader Visibility


Initiatives & Programmes


"Checkin101 is a better experience.
Our people no longer feel like they are being watched over"

Adetola Adelowo
Programmes Administrator

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