Develop more visible leadership

Improve trust and performance by making your leaders visible

Develop more visible leadership

It's never been more important for leaders to stay positively connected with their employees.
A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has revealed that only a third of staff trust their senior managers. Conversely the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) research found that teams feel more positive and believe their company performs better when leaders are visible, where that can be as simple as seeing and hearing from their senior leaders more frequently.

The Check-in approach engages leaders and the people they are responsible for with ongoing questions and sentiment measures. Senior leaders have ongoing visibility over who's engaged and team sentiment, resulting in support that can be put in place earlier. Employees in teams and initiatives also have more direct involvement in the ongoing feedback process. The Check-in approach facilitates engagement with senior leaders and employees so that time is being spent effectively.

How Checkin101 boosts leadership visibility:

Check-in engages employees in the ongoing feedback process
Support and development initiatives are measured more frequently
The Check-in approach allows senior leaders to have more conversations with employees


"Checkin101 is a better experience.
Our people no longer feel like they are being watched over"

Adetola Adelowo
Programmes Administrator

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