Be a leader with your initiatives

Gain insights & foster better facilitator relationships

Be a leader with your initiatives

HRD initiatives are becoming increasingly important within today's organisations,
with 92 out of 96 Fortune 500 CEOs saying that they are most interested in the business impact of programmes. These initiatives were affirmed to directly improve employee commitment, competency and organisation financial performance in a 2013 Asian Business Review study. But often they aren't operating at maximum returns. Wall Street Journal-profiled studies showed on average only 10% of taught skills are retained. Better metrics that focus on the ongoing impact to an organisation are more important than ever in improving the long term success of these programmes.

The Check-in approach introduces more frequent measures into a programme initiative. Similar to senior leader check-ins, questions are asked at key touchpoints and gather an overall metric as well as understanding programme/person fit. Any initiative involving people can utilise the approach, including training, staff onboarding, diversity and CSR programmes. Checkin101 allows team data to be rolled up to better understand the effects on the wider-organisation. The Checkin101 product helps programme facilitators check-in beyond the programme and develop stronger ongoing relationships and impact.

How Checkin101 optimises initiatives:

Check-ins allow programmes to measure ongoing sentiment and help foster better programme facilitator relationships
Checkin101 is able to look beyond the programme to understand how employees are applying new skills
Checkin101 saves programme managers and employees time in the continuous evaluation process


"Checkin101 is a better experience.
Our people no longer feel like they are being watched over"

Adetola Adelowo
Programmes Administrator

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