Easily implement Check-ins

A new approach without the training and IT overhead

Easily implement Check-ins

Checkin101 is more than a nice-looking product.
Our team have experience in shipping consumer and education platforms and have worked with both startups and the worlds largest enterprises. We've applied our knowledge on how people use products and built Checkin101 to continually engage employees and leaders.

The Check-in approach allows Checkin101 to be deployed within an organisation at any rate, whether that's an individual team, programme or entire organisation roll out. Checkin101 is configurable to every leadership style and has a low barrier to adoption by administering employee training and onboarding from within the product.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Checkin101 can act as a standalone product to minimise or remove IT involvement and allows senior leaders to get started in a matter of minutes.

Integrations can be developed to push data into an existing ERP system and Sharepoint sites through a simple Sharepoint Add-On.

How Checkin101 makes implementing easy:

Checkin101 has a consumer-like interface that senior leaders and employees intuitively understand
Low training requirements
Minimal IT involvement needed and a pay-as-you-go-operational expense
Sharepoint and ERP integrations available


"Checkin101 is a better experience.
Our people no longer feel like they are being watched over"

Adetola Adelowo
Programmes Administrator

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