More meaningful conversations

Leader-driven conversations that solve problems sooner

More meaningful conversations

What's worse than a difficult conversation? Avoiding one.
A recent VitalSmarts research study found that people overwhelmingly avoided conversations, with a quarter of all employees having put off a difficult conversation for over a year. The study also found that employees who don't have regular conversations are 59 percent more likely to have low productivity as a result, and are 96 percent more likely to be unhappy in their working environment.

Put simply, having regular conversations are now a necessity to a high performing organisation.

The Check-in approach focuses on creating more opportunities for leader-driven conversations. Through Checkin101, rapid feedback loops are facilitated to provide better context for conversations between a senior leader and the people they are responsible for. Conversations can quickly be prioritised and initiated with the click of a button, saving valuable management hours in following up with people and allowing problems to be solved sooner. The Checkin101 product makes it easy for leaders to have ongoing, meaningful conversations.

How Checkin101 simplifies conversations:

Check-ins create context to simplify how leaders approach conversations
Check-ins are quick questions asked to groups of employees on behalf of a leader
Checkin101 saves management time by scheduling these questions at key touch-points and highlighting trends


"Checkin101 is a better experience.
Our people no longer feel like they are being watched over"

Adetola Adelowo
Programmes Administrator

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